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Recording services from IP telephony networks

Interconnect to Xrecording network via any SIP device
Route incoming and outgoing calls through Xrecording network
View your call recording
Record your IP network calls. So Simple, Start Recording in Minutes!

Capture, record & store your IP network calls... As simple as making a call.
Interconnect your IP network to Xrecording network via SIP trunk. Forward your incoming calls, to our network, receive them via the IP trunk. Make your out-going calls via your trunk to us, pay our low out-going calls rates.
View real-time call recordings via your secured Xrecording Account Manager.

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Modern society and businesses are more mobile than ever before. This increased mobility has brought with it the need for more sophisticated mobile communications systems including VoIP and IP telephony recording. This is especially true of large businesses who use VoIP technology to cut down on their communication costs both in their offices and for their people in the field. It is also a technology increasingly being used by call centers handling hundreds if not thousands of calls a day. Such organizations, which regularly record calls, have a pressing need for an IP telephony recording solution that is easy to implement, doesn't involve lots of complicated hardware or program installation, is easy to use by anybody within the organization, can be used from any location and is cheap to use.

VoIP Technology is almost there!

One of the biggest problems with VoIP technology is call drop out due to internet bandwidth issues. This can lead to loss of calls or abrupt termination of calls with a loss of all the data transmitted. By using IP telephony recording you can ensure that, even if the call is terminated or audio quality deteriorates, you still have a record of the conversation to refer back to.

But this doesn't have to mean an expensive investment in equipment and tech services. You can have a IP telephony recording system working in your business that uses your own telephones and computers and is based entirely online.

Xrecording IP telephony recording system

Xrecording offer businesses and private individuals a revolutionary, internet based service that lets you record your VoIP calls anywhere and anytime. Whether calling from the field on a mobile phone, from a computer in an office or even overseas, this cutting edge IP telephony recording system records all of your conversations even conference calls!

With no complicated, hard to install and expensive equipment, no software and just using your existing phones and computers, you can record all of your VoIP calls and have access to them whenever you want and from wherever you are.

The Xrecording IP telephony recording system can store your calls on Xrecording's own secure servers or the company can design and implement a system custom built for your company, using your computer system. The Xrecording IP telephony recording solution is so simple, yet so sophisticated, that no matter what your needs, it will provide the perfect solution.

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